Beth & Eric's Trip to Hawai'i

In late August of 2008, Eric and I made our first trip to Hawai'i. We only had time to visit two islands, and we chose Kaua'i for the scenery and the Big Island for the diving and the volcano. The links below will lead you to fun stories and beautiful pictures. In ten days on the islands, we hiked through mud, swampland and lava. We rode in two helicopters and on two powerboats, and paddled a kayak up a river. We saw sights from the air, from the top of a volcano, and from 85 feet underwater. We dove with turtles, sharks, rays and more fish than you can imagine. We saw lots of colorful tropical fish and tropical birds. We stood directly under a pouring waterfall. We dove through underwater caves and stood up on surfboards. We walked through lava tubes and onto the caldera of an active volcano. We saw hot lava pouring into the sea and exploding on impact. We saw a lot. It's all here in the pages below. We ended up bruised, scratched, scraped and mosquito-bitten, but very, very happy.

Last updated: 08/29/2008 by Eric and Beth Zuckerman