In April of 2010, I went to Seattle with my mother to visit a very old friend of hers, whom she hadn't seen in over 50 years. We had a wonderful time seeing her friend, and I also had a very nice evening with some of my local friends. But we did also have time to take in the lovely sights.

I think it's great that someone took the trouble to decorate what would otherwise be an entirely ugly industrial building.

Mom loved the tulips at the Pike Place Market. I did not digitally intensify the colors in this picture -- the flowers are this bright on their own!

The area is known for totem poles, making you feel how close you are to Canada.

The Super Elephant Car Wash sign is as much of a local landmark as the famous Citgo sign next to Fenway Park.

There was a lovely tulip garden at the Seattle Center. Again, I did not alter the color digitally, although I did use a polarizer.

The Space Needle towering over some of the tulips.

And with a contrasting tower.

The uniquely designed Music Experience.

The building features some unusual channels.

The monorail coming out of the tunnel.

There is a nearby kids' park, where I photographed the roller coaster.

The Science Museum building is reminiscent of the lower levels of the once-proud World Trade Center.

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