Big Sur 2011

A few pictures from my annual camping trip to Big Sur with my mother.

A view of the coast from Highway 1, near Garrapata State Beach.

Scarlet Paintbrushes at Garrapata State Beach.

In the vein of Eric's "stoopit signage" series. I can't believe they made this mistake. This redwood tree, at Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park, was older than the Magna Carta (whose date was correctly identified).

Me at Pfeiffer Falls. Photo by Frances Klohck.

Water erosion at Point Lobos State Reserve. Not only was the wildlife here remarkable, the rocks also were.

A sea lion climbing up the shore at Point Lobos.

Sleeping Harbor Seals.

A Harbor Seal with very unusual coloring.

Another of my favorite subjects: bees pollinating flowers.

As always, since almost everything you see here is part of the California State Park system, please support the California State Parks Foundation so these parks will be available for future visits.

Last updated: 07/12/2011 by Eric and Beth Zuckerman