New York

Eric and I went to school in Albany, New York, and I grew up in nearby Schenectady. We still have a number of close friends here and always come back to see them. Some of our friends work in the downtown seat of state government, which is rather scenic. A number of state office buildings are on a marble plaza in downtown Albany called the Empire State Plaza, which features reflecting pools. You know how I love reflections.

This is the Corning Tower, which we are told is the tallest building between New York, Boston, Buffalo and Montreal (in other words, a 150-mile radius). It may be the tallest building in upstate New York.

This building is called, for reasons which should be fairly obvious, the Egg. It is a theater. It seemed like a miracle of architectural balance when it was built.

This is the Justice Building.

This is the Capitol of the State of New York, framed by the Justice Building on the right and the Legislative Office Building on the left. It is one of very few American state capitol buildings without domes.

I have admired this statue in the lobby of the Corning Tower for many years. If you look closely, you will see that it is made from chrome auto parts.

The horse's stomach is made from two entire bumpers. You can see the frames for the license plates.

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