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our wedding

Our wedding picture.
Photo by Don Teuber, 07/91

Joe's pic of us

Here is a relatively recent photo of us.
Photo by Joe Decker, 10/03


Beth, in one of Eric's continuing "Beth Among Flowers" series.
Photo by Eric Zuckerman, 07/02


Eric, at the stern of The Weeble (our canoe).
Photo by Carson Gaspar, 04/00

Eric in a tuxedo

Eric in the tux he wore to a wedding in which he served as an usher. That's Rich Lyga, the groom, in the background.
Photo by Beth Zuckerman, 06/96

Our cats


Zackie, caught in a yawn. Beth got her to yawn for the picture by yawning at the cat herself. She's highly proud of this photo...
Photo by Beth Zuckerman


Oberon, in heavy introspection.
Photo by Eric Zuckerman


Anais, back when she was a baby.
Photo by Eric Zuckerman

Photos from our travels, in vague order of proximity to home


Golden Gate Bridge

The Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, of course.
Photo by Eric Zuckerman, 08/99

Beth's office building

Embarcadero Center 4, San Francisco, where Beth works on the top floor.
Photo by Beth Zuckerman, 10/98

Big Sur beach

The stunning central California coastline, in Big Sur.
Photo by Beth Zuckerman, 07/04

Yosemite Falls

In June, 1998, we hiked to the top of Yosemite Falls, which is something of a story... ask us sometime.
Photo by Eric Zuckerman, 06/98

Half Dome

In June, 1999, we took a backpacking trip in Yosemite. Here is Half Dome.
Photo by Eric Zuckerman, 06/99

Half Dome from the back

Here's a view of Half Dome you don't often see, from the back.
Photo by Beth Zuckerman, 06/99

view from Glacier Point

Some other domes, as seen from Glacier Point.
Photo by Eric Zuckerman, 06/99

Vernal/Nevada Falls

We hiked up the Mist Trail, along Vernal and Nevada Falls.
Photo by Eric Zuckerman, 06/99


Our last Yosemite picture was taken by the Merced River, near Housekeeping Camp.
Photo by Beth Zuckerman, 07/00

Las Vegas, Nevada


A dolphin at the Mirage.
Photo by Beth Zuckerman, 01/02


At New York, New York, they have steam coming out of the manhole cover.
Photo by Beth Zuckerman, 01/02

Venetian Hotel

The Venetian Hotel was one of the most beautiful in Las Vegas.
Photo by Beth Zuckerman, 01/02

Original Sin crates

These crates were perfect for Las Vegas.
Photo by Beth Zuckerman, 01/02

Portland, Oregon


Portland fountain

Some children playing in a fountain on the Willamette riverfront.
Photo by Beth Zuckerman, 06/04

Deception Pass

A boat on the water at Deception Pass in northern Washington.
Photo by Beth Zuckerman, 01/03

New Orleans, Louisiana

Washington, DC

French Quarter in NOLA

We visited Beth's brother Tim, in New Orleans. This is a picture taken in the French Quarter.
Photo by Beth Zuckerman, 04/99

capitol columns

These columns came from the US Capitol building and were moved to the National Arboretum.
Photo by Eric Zuckerman, 04/03

New York, New York

Brooklyn Bridge

We walked over the Brooklyn Bridge in the waning hour of sunlight.
Photo by Beth Zuckerman, 10/98

Plaza Hotel

Beth took this photo of the Plaza Hotel reflected in a nearby office tower.
Photo by Beth Zuckerman, 10/98


The once proud World Trade Center.
Photo by Eric Zuckerman, 08/91

Upstate New York

Thacher Park

Here is Eric standing under an overhang on the Indian Ladder Trail in John Boyd Thacher State Park, in the Helderberg Mountains of Albany County, NY.
Photo by Beth Zuckerman, 09/99

Montreal, Quebec

Vieux Montreal

A quaint street in Vieux Montreal, PQ.
Photo by Beth Zuckerman, 10/98

dragon lantern

While we were in Montreal, we saw an exhibit of Chinese lanterns at the Botanical Gardens, including this example.
Photo by Eric Zuckerman, 10/98

Chichen Itza, Yucatan


For our tenth wedding anniversary, we visited the fabulous Mayan ruins at Chichen Itza in the Yucatan, Mexico. Here is the famous pyramid Kukulcan or El Castillo.
Photo by Beth Zuckerman, 07/01

Kukulcan, wider

Here is a wider view of Kukulcan.
Photo by Beth Zuckerman, 07/01

steps of Kukulcan

The pyramid is much steeper than it looks.
Photo by Beth Zuckerman, 07/01

Temple of the Warriors

And here is the view from the top, of the Temple of the Warriors, with the 1,000 columns to the right.
Photo by Beth Zuckerman, 07/01

Dominican Republic

tube sponges

We went on a Carribean cruise with our friend Ethan. We went diving at a site called the Wall off Isla Catalina in the DR. The site is known for these tube sponges. The photo also shows a barrel sponge.
Photo by Eric Zuckerman, 01/04

St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands


We went diving again in St. Thomas. We spent almost 3.5 hours underwater, on four dives with Admiralty Dive. Our guide Duane took us to a wreck he called JBK naval barge, where we saw this hawksbill turtle. Duane wrote more on his underwater slate than any divemaster we have ever seen. He wrote that this turtle was about two years old. It was about three feet across.
Photo by Eric Zuckerman, 01/04


At the same site, we saw this five-foot barracuda from about 20 feet away. It was a mama barracuda with a baby barracuda nearby. Nope, we weren't scared!
Photo by Eric Zuckerman, 01/04


Duane took us to the wreck of a boat once owned by Chrysler. He picked up this clinging channel crab. Duane wrote that the crab was quite docile because it had recently molted.
Photo by Eric Zuckerman, 01/04


At the same site, we saw this parrot fish. These rainbow fish are quite common in the Carribean.
Photo by Eric Zuckerman, 01/04


hole formation

Antigua was incredibly beautiful. We took a fabulous eco-tour by boat with Adventure Antigua. We got to explore this cave.
Photo by Eric Zuckerman, 01/04


This is what the cave looked like from inside!
Photo by Eric Zuckerman, 01/04

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